GLO’ART – Belgium

During my one month stay at GLO’ART (an amazing) Artist in residence in Belgium, I created two different fashion art outfits.

The Shaded-lamp skirt I photographed on a male model, but can be worn by a female as well. The skirt can give light while wearing it.┬áThis work is an ode to the African culture. The skirt is designed with a lamp inside to show that every culture (in this case the African culture) is shining it’s own light on the world.

The Circus (cat)suit was made for a female to use in a theatrical acrobatic performance .

The printdesigns on the fabric I specially designed for these projects.  The printdesigns are serviceable for wallpaper as well.

Many thanks to all the people that were there with me during this project:
GLO’ART, the artists, Cecilia Pompilia kledingatelier, Melchior Burgzorg, Stephane and Lin.

The Shaded-lamp skirt and the Circus (cat)suit are now part of the GLO’ART collection.