15 Famous Artists

From 3th of April till 20th of May this project is exhibited at Museum Arnhem (The Netherlands).

A unique publication: 15 interviews with creative artists from Arnhem (The Netherlands), photographed spectacularly.

The creative process is an individual one, in which interaction with the physical and social surroundings is an important factor. That’s why artists need to share their knowledge and experiences with this. Through 15 elaborate interviews with cultural creators, all with an origin in a different segment, we want to gain insight into the role of the city of Arnhem in the build-up of their professional practice. 

The interviews were conducted by Leendert Douma. For this series, amongst others, he interviewed Mascha Halberstad (film director), Florentijn Hofman (artist), Ruben Chi (dancer) and Jesse Laport (writer).

All portraits were shot by Sophie Vermeulen. The portraits turned out as pieces of art in themselves!

Online publication, from November 2022 onwards, will be on the website of the Arnhemsche Courant. 

The book in RISO print is designed by Doris Boerman.

Thanks to Mediafonds Arnhem, Pictoright Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and voordekunst.nl for making this possible.

Photo right: Romar – hair by Melchior Burgzorg, 2020

Harmen Liemburg, 2022
Arnhemsche Courant

Standplaats Arnhem exhibition