Unique Portraits by Sophie 

The idea of a being fascinates me. Every time I meet a new person and learn more about them, I’m more able to imagine a world through their eyes. With this fascination, I started taking portraits of people I met and became friends with. 

In my studio in Arnhem, I portray people with different materials, bursts of colour and several structures. All custom and, as I see it, fitting to their unique self, person and personality. Behind every image, there’s a story. Some simple, some a little less so. Either way, trust plays a great role in this art-making process. Also, I don’t add or take away elements with Photoshop in editing. My photography truly is: what you see is what you get. 

Are you curious to be photographed in my unique way? My studio doors are open!

Share your colours, and spread the love!

Let me do a photoshoot of and with you. With my creative portrait photography, we’ll reach into the unconventional. Surrender yourself to your creative energy. Unlock your colourful spirit & mind. 

It’s your time to shine and give in to the experience! Our shoot is the perfect opportunity to let go of all of your responsibilities, worries and sorrow for a while. Unleash your inner child. Let them come out and play! 

With you as the model, together we will create an amazingly fun, colourful and creative portrait. The inspiration? Your lovely unique self and stunning personality. YOU.

It is also possible to purchase earlier portraits (as shown below). Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information! Many, many thanks to all of the brave and colourful souls who dared to look into my camera so far! 

C’cesirhe 2, 2020

I’d like to book a photoshoot.

I’d like to book a photoshoot.

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