Sophie Vermeulen Go Bananas Design

Go Bananas Design

By now, you know I love the colour and we all know bananas are bright yellow.

But did you also know there is scientific proof that yellow makes people feel happy? Another reason to gather more bananas in your life. 

Let’s go Bananas!

Sophie Vermeulen wallcoverings are seamless and custom-made of finely woven polyester, with a unique textile look. They have a scratch and water-resistant top coat, which makes them suitable for any room in your home, place of work, restaurant or hotel. From bathroom and toilet to dining area and bedroom. 

Sophie Vermeulen design wallcoverings weigh 360 grams per m2 and come with C-S1-D0 fire certification.

All wallcoverings can be applied with standard wallpaper glue. With a wall of approx. 3×3 meter you can easily do it yourself. 

For bigger surfaces, Sophie recommends asking a professional to help you out. 

Take a look here for wallpaper tips. All wallpaper is custom-made, so pricing varies.

All wallcovering is created and produced in The Netherlands. 

For more information, please contact Sophie! 


Choose your custom Wallcovering here.

Bring some quirkiness into your home, place of work, restaurant or hotel. 

Choose your custom Wallcovering here.

Did you know my designer wallcoverings are all custom, unique pieces of art and also come in two other themes: 

African and Quirky?

Fabric Design

Sophie Vermeulen’s Designs can also be used on fabrics. She can provide you with any kind of fabric you like for your personal fashion or upholstery project. 

For more information contact Sophie. 

Sophie has collaborated with renowned fashion designers several times. 
To see more of her fashion projects check out her Fashion page.

@ home

I want a burst of colour in my room! 

All wallcoverings are custom-made, so pricing varies. For more information, please contact me!
I love to help you out. More colour, more joy!