While working as an artist in residence at GLO’ART in Belgium, Sophie created two kinds of different fashion outfits. The shaded-lamp skirt and the circus catsuit.

The Skirt was photographed being worn by a male model but is just as much meant for females, too. It lights up when worn. This work is an ode to African Culture. It was designed with a lamp inside to show every culture shines its light in and on our world.

The catsuit was made for use in a theatrical acrobatic performance. The print design was specifically created for these projects, but can also be used, for instance, as the print for wallpaper. 

Sophie would like to thank GLO’ART, Cecilia Pompilia Kledingatelier, Melchior Burgzorg, Stephane and Lin. 

The two pieces are now part of the GLO’ART collection in Belgium. 

Shaded-lamp skirt

Circus catsuit


Me and my work, GLO’ART, 2017

GLO'ART, 2017: me and my work