Sophie Vermeulen for Fashion

Besides my design of wallcoverings, art and portrait photography, my work is also used in fashion. My ‘Egg Royale’ design was shown on the runway during Fashion Week The Hague 2022. Fashion designer Rosalie Boonstra showed her amazing new collection, with 4 different outfits, with my design on them. Skua Studios made 2 pairs of wonderful shoes and Grytsje Suze created an amazing bag design doll, custom-made for this collection. 
Many thanks to all of these amazingly wonderful people for making this happen!

Are you a fashion designer and in for a creative collab?
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Lando Yara

Nevin Zoontjes

Madelief Wijnker

Yazzmine van Goozen


Jolijn Corporaal – Lemon Star

Fashion designer Jolijn Corporaal made this amazing African inspired dress with my Lemon Star design.

Model: Anita

Pictures: by me