Sophie Vermeulen

Artist, Portrait Photographer and Designer

From a young age, I knew I wanted to become an artist. While other kids were busy playing outside, I spent most of the time daydreaming. One of my unconventional dreams was to become a cook on a monocycle. I had thought about everything to do with this dream. Like, for how I could arrange the kitchen in such a way, that I could move my monocycle through the kitchen (complete with high cupboards) and how my friend could bake at the same time.


I always have ideas. Usually too many to execute. When I create things, I like to imagine something that looks impossible. This keeps me motivated and gives me great joy when I am somehow able to create it anyway. As a child, I could spend hours sitting in my room, creating all sorts of things like jewellery, drawings and collages. And daydreaming about crazy staged photographs.

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Picture by Louise te Poele, 2021

Foto Kees Tabak

Picture by Kees Tabak, 2023

Work experience

In the last years, I’ve worked with several renowned artists, designers, galleries and universities from all over the globe. To name a few,  I had the pleasure to work with Fashion brand Orange Culture, Rosalie Boonstra Couture, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Mauritshuis and Gallery Cokkie Snoei. 

I also spent time as an artist in residence for a few months in Morocco at Art Slimane, Marrakech (2018, 2019) and in Belgium at GLO’ART, Lanaken (2017).


A short introduction to Sophie and her work: the artist and photographer Sophie Vermeulen. This film was made for Donnerwetter Day 2017. The music is by Donnerwetter. 

With special thanks to Arnoud Lievers, Yadi Dragtsma and Melchior Burgzorg.

Acro Femke en Sophie

Acrobatics in Hungary! 

Base: Femke van der Laan

Upside down: me

Picture: Lőrincz Csaba, 2017

Start of my career, at home in my pajamas.

Picture: Aart Vermeulen, 2000

najaar 2000