Art & Creative Photography

Are you ready to feel colour?

This is your chance to be part of a unique piece of art! 

Do you…

Want to feel colourful, playful and free?
Often feel people don’t see the real you?
Feel stuck in the rat race that is daily life?

Would you…

Like to surrender to the freedom of creativity? 
Like others to see the bright, playful and happy YOU?

Are you…

Ready for an amazing experience?
Willing to surrender yourself to a whole lot of creative energy?

Blue Rose, 2020

Book your Creative Portrait photoshoot.

Share your colours, and spread the love!

Let me do a photoshoot of and with you. With my creative portrait photography, we’ll reach into the unconventional. Surrender yourself to your creative energy. Unlock your colourful spirit & mind. 

It’s your time to shine and give in to the experience! Our shoot is the perfect opportunity to let go of all of your responsibilities, worries and sorrow for a while. Unleash your inner child. Let them come out and play! 

With you as the model, together we will create an amazingly fun, colourful and creative portrait. The inspiration? Your lovely unique self and stunning personality. YOU. 

Curious? Book your photoshoot now.

Why not turn yourself into a creative masterpiece? 

You don’t need to be a model to model. My photography is based on your uniqueness. You bring yourself and your personality and my creativity will do the rest. 

Are you curious to know what it feels like to be…
  • Colourful?
  • Care-free?
  • Surprised by yourself?
  • Find your inner child?
  • Able to tell your loved ones a great story?
  • An amazing piece of art?

C’cesirhe 2, 2020

Book your Creative Portrait photoshoot.

When you book a creative portrait photoshoot with Sophie Vermeulen, it will include: 

  • One 45-minute online meeting via Zoom, or in person. Here we’ll get to know each other. I’ll ask you some creative questions and discuss your wishes. 
  • Based on our meeting, I will then create a plan and decide which materials to use during the shoot. You can also bring your favourite materials, like your favourite food or flowers.
  • A two-hour photoshoot in my art studio in Arnhem (The Netherlands), where I will take care of all materials needed. Drinks will be included. 
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive 3 digitally edited images of your art portrait. Additionally, I can also provide you with prints.

I want a priceless & unique art portrait.

Creative Portrait Shoot with Sophie Vermeulen

Campaing image Theater aan de Rijn – Merel 2023

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. For only € 290,- (ex VAT), you can book a creative portrait photoshoot with me and have your very own art piece hanging on the wall within no time. Yourself as a piece of art? Priceless. 

It’s your time to shine! 

This is what people say about their photoshoot:

Most of my art is for sale. 

Curious about my work? In need of more information? Any questions, ideas or wishes? Don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Gemma Meulendijks, hair: Melchior Burgzorg, 2021