Sophie Vermeulen, 2021
Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands 
KvK 63940892
Picture by Louise te Poele


“I am always looking for a certain bizarreness in situations and in images.
I like to play with the world around me.
In my work I combine the disciplines portrait, still life and performance.”

This film is about me and my work as a visual artist & photographer. It is officially made for Donnerwetter Day 2017.
With special thanks to: Arnoud Lievers, Yadi Dragtsma, Melchior Burgzorg
The music is from Donnerwetter.


More about me…

I knew since primary school I wanted to become an artist.
While, other students were busy playing with each other, I spent this time day dreaming. For instance, one of my unconventional dreams was to become a cook on a monocycle. In my mind, I had (together with my friend) thought of everything: How I could arrange the kitchen in such a way so I could move my monocycle through the kitchen (completely with high closets.) and how she could do the bakery part.

I always have ideas. Mostly too many to execute them all. When I create things, I like to imagine something which at first glance looks like an impossible task.  That keeps me motivated and I get great joy when I am somehow able to create it. As a kid I could spend hours behind my desk, creating all sorts of things, such as earrings, jewelery, drawings, collages and thinking of crazy staged photographs.

By nature I am curious and playful. Mostly towards unknown things. I have a big interest in other cultures and mainly people from other cultures. How everyone can be so different and at the same time so similar this interests me endlessly. I first experienced this during my hitchhiking days and later in the time spent during ‘artist in residency’. I realized, the world is big but small at the same time! When I create things I search for borders and limits. What do we find normal? And what happens when we cross this ‘border together’ into the “abnormal”? Often we find out we can laugh a lot if this happens! With my photoshoots I found a way to create those “abnormal” situations. During the photoshoot together we can do “abnormal” things. That’s the most beautiful gift art has given me. Everything is possible as long as can we can imagine it! I may be crazy and act like a child while I am a grown up woman. The fantasy of being a child is boundless and endless. I am proud and happy that I can be an adult keeping a mindset of a child and I am able to share this mindset and fantasy through creating artworks. Doing “abnormal” things can only exist when you create a safe environment: Both for myself and my model. Fortunately, people tend to trust me very easily. I am a good listener and I am able to see how people are doing well even without talking with them.

Futhermore, I love to see the world upside down. Literally by making a handstand against the wall gives you a different perspective on the world :P. This way you make it easier for yourself to laugh about the world and the things around you. The world is of course a less serious place than you might think ;). If you keep playing, you can keep laughing:).

I always love to randomly ask people if they are happy. At first, most people are confused by the question. But after a moment of thinking most people answer: Yes I am happy! What I find most interesting about this is that until now all people ask me always the same question back: And you, are you happy? And now my answer is always: Yes I am also happy!



2013 – 2015    Bachelor of Fine Arts, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem
2011 – 2013    Bachelor of Fine Arts, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Zwolle
2010 – 2011    Pre-education ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem
2009 – 2010  HAVO, Luzac college, Arnhem
2006 – 2009  HAVO, Notre Dame des Anges, Ubbergen


2019   Dar Slimane, Artist in Residence, Marrakech, Morocco
Dar Slimane, Artist in Residence, Marrakech, Morocco 
   GLO’ART, Artist in Residence, Lanaken, Belgium


2016   Wendelien Daan, Amsterdam
2016   Gijs Frieling, Nijmegen
2014   Studio of Louise te Poele, Arnhem


2020 Nominated for the Photography Award, Business Art Service, Utrecht



Standplaats Arnhem
november 2022

Portraits & Printdesigns expo
De Kroonsteen, huisartsenpraktijk – Molenhoek
Jan. – March. 2023


Portraits & Printdesigns expo
De Vuursteen, huisartsenpraktijk – Molenhoek
Oct. – Dec. 2021

Portraits & Prindesigns expo
Aquamarijn, huisartsenpraktijk – Arnhem
Sept. – Dec  2021

“Alumni ArtEZ” expo – Circa…Dit 

Circa…Dit – Arnhem
3 – 5 sept. 2021

“Flower Boy” Exhibition – Orange Culture x Sophie Vermeulen
African Artists’ Foundation – Lagos, Nigeria
Sept. – Oct. 2021

Exhibition at Café Bosch
Café Bosch, Arnhem
nov. – aug. 2020

Solo Exhibition
Mariënburg Bibliotheek, Nijmegen
febr. 2020

1,2 miljoen koffiebekertjes – Duo exhibition with Neelke Jacobs
Duurzaamheidsmarkt, provincie Gelderland
Provinciehuis, Markt 11, Arnhem
oct. 2019 –  febr. 2020

Duo exhibition with Jelle Slof – So you think you can portrait
HAN – I/O-building, Kapittelweg 35, Nijmegen
oct. 2019 – jan. 2020

Parariso group exhibition – Risohelden
Willem Twee fabriek, Den Bosch
5 oct. – 10 nov. 2019

Made in Marrakech – “Smooth like memmen in an oily pan” – Duo Exhibition with Zomaarzon illustraties
Kunstkapel, Notre Dame des Arts, Ubbergen
august ’19

Portraits Exhibition
St. Augustinusklooster, Nijmegen
11 june ’18 – 15 nov. ’18

De Baak Seaside
Solo exhibition, Noordwijk
15 apr. ’18 – 08 jun. ’18

De Lindenberg Nijmegen – march 2018
Wallpaper exhibition “Slimtarra”, Nijmegen
march ’18

GLO’ART – december 2017
Two works are part of the GLO’ART collection,
they are presented at the art parc of GLO’ART, Lanaken, Belgium
dec. ’17

Radboud University 
Solo Exhibition, Nijmegen
may – aug. ’17

“Paasexpositie Ateliers B53”, Het Elektrum
Group Exhibition, Arnhem
15 – 17 april 2017

“Donnerwetterday” – Luxor Live Arnhem
Live bodypainting, Arnhem
11 march ’17

“Under Construction” – KOP                                               
Group Exhibition, Breda, city centre
 29 may ’16 – 26 jun. ’16

“Petite Galerie”                                                                        
Solo Exhibition, Apeldoorn
27 oct. ’15 – 15 jan. ’16

“Het Pleidooi – Aporeia” – Circa…dit                               
Group Exhibition, Arnhem
10 dec. ’15 – 20 dec. ’15

“Yungsters” – Cokkie Snoei
Group Exhibition, Rotterdam
18 oct. ’15 – 21 nov. ’15

“Pop Up Art Store”
Group Exhibition, De Kunstdames, Groningen
30 oct. 15 – 08 nov. ’15

“Menzis Jong Talent”
Group Exhibition, De Kunstdames, Menzis Wageningen
28 aug. ’15 – 25 sept. ’15

“Arena” – Fine Art Finals 2015
Graduation Exhibition Fine Art Arnhem, ABN AMRO building, Arnhem
01 jul. ’15 – 05 jul. ’15

Interdisciplinary project with master students, ArtEZ Conservatory Zwolle
Waanders in de Broeren, Zwolle
19 apr. ’15

“Thuisblijven” (Stay at home)
Alzheimerproject, ArtEZ Fine Art, Zwolle
20 jan. ’13


2021   Collaboration with fashion designer Jolijn Corporaal, Studio Corporaal 
Dance photoshoot commissioned by ArtEZ Dance Academy, Arnhem
2019   Duurzaamheid markt (art made out of garbage), commissioned by Provincie Gelderland, Arnhem
Staged group picture commissioned by Extrapool, Nijmegen
Wallpaper designed for “Slimtarra” Extrapool, Nijmegen
Pop-up design Catering ArtEZ Arnhem, commissioned by ArtEZ Dance Academy, Arnhem
    Dance photoshoot commissioned by ArtEZ Dance Academy, Arnhem
2017    Workshops staged photography, at the introduction of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, commissioned by Organisatiebureau Sophie Schijf, Arnhem
2017    Cyarco Cyborgartcollective: one work presented by Cyarco Cyborgartcollective at Pixels for Sale exhibition, Venice
2017    ArtEZ Finals photographer, commissioned by Art Business Centre, Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle
2017    Cyarco Cyborgartcollective: one work presented by Cyarco Cyborgartcollective at Digifest, Toronto
2017    Donnerwetterday, Live bodypainting, Luxor Live Arnhem
Workshops Portrait photography, primary school NSV 2 “Lamagedoe” Nijmegen

2016   Dance photoshoot commissioned by ArtEZ Dance Academy, Arnhem
2016   FASHIONCLASH Festival, Designer at the Clash project, Maastricht
2016   Pop-up Art shop, Atelier Marjolein Linders, Arnhem
2016   KOP “Under Construction” project, Breda
2016   Workshops Portrait photography, primary school NSV 2 “Lamagedoe” Nijmegen
2015   Blue-turns-grey, still-life project “Celebrity” E-magazine
2015   Fine Art Finals 2015, Graduation exhibition “Arena” Arnhem
2015   Vocal Night commissioned by ArtEZ Conservatory Arnhem
2015   Conservatory photoshoot commissioned by ArtEZ Conservatory Arnhem
2015   “Horizon” interdisciplinary project with ArtEZ Conservatory Zwolle
2014   Conservatory photoshoot commissioned ArtEZ Conservatory Arnhem
2013   “Thuisblijven” (Stay at home) Alzheimer project
2012   Minor “Humanity Revisited”
2012   “Graphic week” Rheine, Germany

Publicity & Publications

2021 Online interview, Fotoacademie Amsterdam –> click here to read
De Brug krant, “Sophie Vermeulen exposeert in Augustinusklooster”
“Bananas”, “Shrimps and Apples” wallpapers published by: Extrapool Nijmegen, Slimtarra
2016   Arts Thread – FASHIONCLASH Festival, Online text
2016   BN DeStem – Breda, “KOP, Under Construction” Online text
2016   Breda Vandaag, “KOP, Under Construction” Online text
16-01-2016 Volkskrant Magazine, “Smaak”
2015   Lost-Painters, Online review exhibition “Yungsters” Cokkie Snoei
2015   Focus photography magazine, Online interview
2015   Cokkie Snoei “Yungsters” Online text
2015   Nieuwe Arnhemse Krant, 10th edition
2015   ArtEZ Graduates, Mister Motley Online Magazine
2015   ArtEZ Graduates, Lost Painters Online Magazine
2015   Finals Catalogue, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem
2015   BK Informatie, magazine no. 4
2015   Thesis: Is it possible for neurologic science to relaunch the theory of formalism? ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
2015   Finals Magazine Online, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
2015   Horizon, ArtSEEDZ Festival, Zwolle


2021 Photography course, Opnametechnieken, Dorien Scheltens, Amsterdam
Photography course, Conceptual portrait photography, René Bosch, Amsterdam
Sewing course, Modevakschool Miranda Bennink, Nijmegen
 Photography workshop, Richard Terborg, Almere
2008 – 2009   Orientation course, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Arnhem